TJ Blake disses Birzer, falls short in primary

What a finale! TJ Blake did the one thing everyone has been talking about; he took a stab at Birzer. Not only was this a necessary strategy for the Blake campaign, it really helped expose Birzer’s defense strategy.

Blake’s attack wasn’t brutal, but it was an attack in itself. “Realize that while you may support his policies, and I may support some of them as well,” Blake said. “But there is only one logical option when figuring out how to actually make these happen.”

Birzer’s response was wonderful.

“Now, Mr. Blake of course waited until the last possible second to really start going after my character and, you know, if we’re making this about a resume contest, I, admittedly, don’t win it,” Birzer said.

But, Birzer continued to back his statement up with his stances on policies and how he believes he ranks above the other candidates in how he plans to deal with then.

“However, like I said from the first debate when we were still talking about this issue, it doesn’t take a genius to know what is wrong with Kansas. We know exactly what has caused our education system to fall apart. We know exactly what we need to do to have comprehensive prison reform, which I believe I have a more comprehensive plan than anyone up here. When it comes to taxes, I have also had the most comprehensive plan as well, and I am very skeptical of any two-page plan.”

Before the results of the primary came in, Mayor Pauldine said that he would endorse Senator Chance Maginness, despite the attacks he has made at the candidate throughout the campaign. This video should sum this up:


All in all, Connor Birzer (D) and Mayor John Pauldine (R) ended up clinching the primary election.



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