TJ Blake’s Response


As some of you may have heard, TJ Blake has been maneuvering around an issue that concerns with his time as president of the school board. A publication called A Better Tomorrow for Kansas wrote an article concerning TJ Blake’s scandal:

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 1.15.06 PM.png

One question was specifically targeted that centered on in-classroom evaluations.

“The response, almost unanimously from teachers, was that they did not enjoy the in-class evaluations,” TJ Blake mentioned. “And so, the reason the media has been talking a lot about this is… I, as a gubernatorial candidate have obviously talked quite a bit about the importance of listening to teachers, improving education and focusing on bringing teachers back into this state.”

TJ Blake seems to recognize his mistake and surely will not overlook any question ever answered in a survey, even when there are 200 other questions to take into account.



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