TJ Blake disses Birzer, falls short in primary

What a finale! TJ Blake did the one thing everyone has been talking about; he took a stab at Birzer. Not only was this a necessary strategy for the Blake campaign, it really helped expose Birzer’s defense strategy.

Blake’s attack wasn’t brutal, but it was an attack in itself. “Realize that while you may support his policies, and I may support some of them as well,” Blake said. “But there is only one logical option when figuring out how to actually make these happen.”

Birzer’s response was wonderful.

“Now, Mr. Blake of course waited until the last possible second to really start going after my character and, you know, if we’re making this about a resume contest, I, admittedly, don’t win it,” Birzer said.

But, Birzer continued to back his statement up with his stances on policies and how he believes he ranks above the other candidates in how he plans to deal with then.

“However, like I said from the first debate when we were still talking about this issue, it doesn’t take a genius to know what is wrong with Kansas. We know exactly what has caused our education system to fall apart. We know exactly what we need to do to have comprehensive prison reform, which I believe I have a more comprehensive plan than anyone up here. When it comes to taxes, I have also had the most comprehensive plan as well, and I am very skeptical of any two-page plan.”

Before the results of the primary came in, Mayor Pauldine said that he would endorse Senator Chance Maginness, despite the attacks he has made at the candidate throughout the campaign. This video should sum this up:


All in all, Connor Birzer (D) and Mayor John Pauldine (R) ended up clinching the primary election.



Takeaways from the second press conference

There has been a lot of scrutiny on the media team and their lack of ability to ask all the candidates “hard” questions. I personally believe that all the questions are difficult, maybe some more than others, but the candidates really get to drive the perception of the public with their answer. One candidate is particularly brilliant in answering questions and his name is TJ Blake.

Not only does Mr. Blake bring out positivity in the beginning of press conferences, welcoming everyone to each and every meeting, but he also thanks each and every person asking a question individually. And no, this is not a sponsored ad for the TJ Blake campaign, but it is something that I have picked up on from the press conferences.

Not only have other candidates addressed the media team for writing articles that are criticizing and “incorrect,” but they don’t understand that being nice to the voters and the media may bring more good to them than harm. Don’t get me wrong, you can be a total a**hole and still win votes, but it won’t get you very far with me if all your arguments are going towards pointing out the faults of other candidates, voters and media.

TJ Blake’s Response


As some of you may have heard, TJ Blake has been maneuvering around an issue that concerns with his time as president of the school board. A publication called A Better Tomorrow for Kansas wrote an article concerning TJ Blake’s scandal:

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 1.15.06 PM.png

One question was specifically targeted that centered on in-classroom evaluations.

“The response, almost unanimously from teachers, was that they did not enjoy the in-class evaluations,” TJ Blake mentioned. “And so, the reason the media has been talking a lot about this is… I, as a gubernatorial candidate have obviously talked quite a bit about the importance of listening to teachers, improving education and focusing on bringing teachers back into this state.”

TJ Blake seems to recognize his mistake and surely will not overlook any question ever answered in a survey, even when there are 200 other questions to take into account.


Would KS Children Benefit From Marijuana Legalization?




In the first press conference, Connor Birzer said, “We need to let the free market reign, in terms of marijuana, and we need to allow it to flourish here in Kansas as it has in Colorado because our children would benefit from it.”

Well, let’s check that out. Has marijuana been beneficial to children in Colorado, and would it benefit Kansas children as well?

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 1.38.40 PM.png

In an article published by, it states that Colorado has reached over $50 million in recreational cannabis sales in the MONTH OF JUNE. In addition to that, $25 million were reached in medical sales. The state, in total, has earned over $60 million in tax revenue so far this year. The site also states that these taxes are going towards a good cause:

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 1.42.56 PM

So the answer is, yes. Colorado children have benefitted from marijuana. Kansas has the opportunity to help the children as well, then. Connor Birzer was right. So, light up Kansans, and get high for the children.