Birzer Campaign Advisor charged with DUI

No names have been released, but one of Connor Birzer’s most trusted campaign advisors was allegedly charged with driving under the influence last Thursday, March 16th after the Lawrence St. Patrick’s Day Parade. He was apparently charged after he wrecked his vehicle.

No locations of the crash have been identified, but according to a witness, he “narrowly avoided a person in the bike lane.” We are not sure if that person was on a bike or was part of the parade, but nevertheless this man definitely should not have been driving.


The advisor that was charged has been Mr. Birzer’s right-hand-man for many years and they have served in the KU Student Senate together. Of course, the advisor has been suspended from his Senate position, but what is more interesting is that he was actively consulting with Mr. Birzer on education reform and drug policy before this incident occured. Interesting…

This is especially interesting after Mr. Birzer admitted that he believes the use of marijuana should not be a federal crime. Participating in activities that alter one’s state of mind is a personal choice, but is it not surprising that someone on his campaign participated in consuming alcohol and making a dumb decision? I’m not saying that anyone should come to conclusions, but this is an interesting coincidence. Will Birzer have any comments to make on this incidence? It really reflects a lot on his campaign if he does not.

Connor Birzer, Kansas needs you to take a stand against people who could kill innocent civilians, like one of your campaign advisors almost did. With the parade being the night of the accident, who knows how many more innocent people could have been hurt. If you were to be our elected Kansas Governor, this will NOT be considered appropriate behavior by anyone you ask. Take a stand or leave your stand.


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