First Debate

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If you’re interested in watching the beef that occurred in this debate, skip in the video to 18:30. You really don’t want to miss this uncomfortableness. During the debate, Mayor Pauldine’s campaign staff were dying laughing, and believe me, you will too when you watch this.

The first debate for the race for Kansas Governor occurred on March 8th in the Courtside Room at the Burge Union.

The debate took an interesting turn when the Mayor of Salina, John Pauline, decided to throw a punch at Senator Chance Maginness, coming up with “opposition research” (aka, not the paper that Senator Maginness is holding when he referred to it during the debate at 17:52).

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 10.40.51 AM.png

The debate was full of Mayor Pauldine and Senator Maginness going back and forth, Pauldine accusing Maginness of “opposition research” and Maginness defending himself. Senator Maginness said himself that he has a lot of “opposition research” on Mayor Pauldine, but he was not at the debate to “sling mud” and participate in “petty partisan politics.”

In his response, Mayor Pauldine countered Senator Maginness’s argument that Pauldine was participating in “petty party politics.”

“Of course I’d love to play it off as petty party politics, but for some reason I don’t think a federal investigation is petty party politics,” Mayor Pauldine said. “I also don’t think that skipping out on $10,000 in taxes, while you use these good people’s tax dollars to fund your own campaign is ethical. I’m bringing up serious moral and ethical questions for our voters and I think you owe them a thank you for financing your campaign, frankly.”

For Senator Maginness’s response, he said that he could read every single fact that his campaign has on Mayor Pauldine, and the Mayor asked for him to do it. But, apparently Senator Maginness is too good for this “mud slinging.” FYI, Maginness campaign, pointing out others’ incapability to make moral decisions is part of the game. Maybe you should play? This could make an even more interesting race.

Even though this is one of the first debates I have ever personally witnessed, this one was one of the most entertaining by far.




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