Mayor Pauldine’s wife “gets women to leave their kitchens”

Mayor John Pauldine rallied voters last Monday night in hopes to get more women on his side in the polls. Except, the way he went about it was interesting to say the least.

“Caroline has been great about getting women out to support me,” Mayor Pauldine said. “When I ran for mayor, she got women to leave their kitchens, to go out and to go door-to-door and to put up yard signs for me.”

The fact that so many of the women are in kitchens astounds me. Last I heard, it wasn’t 1950 and women are accomplishing more things than just dinner.

Let’s see what Mayor Pauldine has to say to back up what he said last Monday night. For women voters, this just won’t do. Maybe instead of focusing on Chance Maginness and his failure to understand how taxes work, the Mayor should focus on how to liberate women from preconceived ideas on how men like himself think they should live their life.


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