Kansans need jobs

For Kansans, getting jobs is necessary, especially right after graduating high school or college. The current unemployment rate in the state of Kansas is 4.2%. With the total population of Kansas being around 2,853,118 people, this means that 119,830 people are left jobless in the sunflower state.

The candidate that really hit on this during the press conference was republican nominee Chance Maginness. One of the things that he touched on was that we need to give those children in inner cities the same job and education opportunities that those children in the suburbs have. In this way, there would be more educated individuals in Kansas, while also deeming more qualified Kansans to stay in Kansas and become a part of the work force.

From Maginness’s website:


Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 7.50.44 AM.png

Maginness stated that one of his goals as Governor is to ask small business to hire first-time job seekers. In this way he would conquer not only the recent Kansan graduates, but also getting more of the youth involved early in small, local businesses. The younger the employees, the possibility of younger customers would increase. The question is, however, how many college students went to college to work in a small business? That’s a question worth answering.

With the nominees talking to the University of Kansas students at the press conference, this issue would be of higher interest to the audience than usual. If the candidates could find a solution to solve Kansas job-seekers’ stress individually before they are elected as Governor of Kansas, then the likelihood of them getting elected is that much stronger.


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