TJ Blake talks about women


“I think women are important.”

Democratic nominee TJ Blake is the only candidate to blatantly say that he believes women are important. The only other candidate who acknowledges women’s issues is Connor Birzer, who supports women’s reproductive rights. Blake actually came up to me personally and asked if he could use my blog as an outlet to voice his opinions on the injustice women face in Kansas.

Blake also acknowledges that the current legislator votes down the access to preventative measures of pregnancy, which is something that the Blake administration would potentially reverse if he was elected into office.

Amy Melby, a TJ Blake campaign representative, has faced issues as a young woman and she has reasons for change that back up what TJ Blake wants. Melby’s old-fashioned parents expected her to go to beauty school after graduating high school. Melby had to push through the adversity of creating her own path in life without what seemed like much support from her family. Soon to graduate college, Melby sees what it takes to make change happen, which is something that seems to go well with supporting TJ Blake.

It’s official: TJ Blake cares about women. Other candidates, this is your time to step up.


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