4 Candidates in the Race for Governor

From the first press conference of the semester, we have four official candidates running for Kansas Governor. All of them are white males and definitely play up the role that Kansas is a “great state” to live in. Honestly, we are under Brownback right now, so it makes me question how many Kansans truly believe that we are in a “great state” while being in the state of Kansas. 

After listening to what each of the candidates want to change, I have made a list of what each candidate really brings to the table. For example, we have the Job-Seeker, the School-Chooser, the Prison guy and the Anti-Gun guy.

The Job-Seeker is Republican nominee Chance Maginness. His main goal is to give graduates at Kansas schools the opportunity to land more jobs after graduation.

Manginess said, “We can’t continue to deny our children the opportunities they were promised just for being on this Earth.” Really, Chance? Children were promised education to be on this Earth? I’m not one to disagree with the fact that education is something that every child needs, but going to that extent is a little weird. Have you every heard of the working class? (Please know that I’m joking).

The School-Chooser is Republican nominee John Pauldine. He believes that children should have the right to choose which school they would like to go to in the great state of Kansas. Please explain more, John? What does that even mean? So can I live in one school district, but eventually go to school in another? I understand that in the inner-city it may have more students per classroom, but isn’t that another problem in itself? Maybe I just misinterpreted everything that Pauline laid out for us in that press conference, but I still can’t deny the fact that the choice, especially putting that choice in the hands of children, is confusing.

Democratic nominee TJ Blake is going to be known as the Prison guy. He wants to reduce the minimum sentence of CRIMINALS, people! He basically said that he doesn’t want us building more prison systems, because they are all going to fill up. Oh okay, TJ Blake. Please, just let the criminals roam free without jurisdiction. But then he said the problem is bigger than the space and that criminals usually go back to prison within three years of being released. Maybe we could come up with a way to make that process go away from within prisons, providing some sort of life-rebuilding program with the intent of getting prisoners jobs once they are released. Maybe once prisoners are free they can feel that they have purpose and a source of income. Just a thought.

Democratic nominee Connor Birzer, or the Anti-Gun guy, wants to reverse Brownback’s “failed” tax policy, defend LGBT Kansans from discrimination from the work place and protect women’s reproductive rights by standing with Planned Parenthood. This guy really shouts to all college kids in Lawrence. It’s almost as if he is representing the millennials in his candidacy. He plans to fight against foolish gun laws and keep people from purchasing guns permit-free. How many students want people walking around with guns who don’t have a permit? I personally would prefer that not being the case, especially with all the gun violence that surrounds the world today.


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